RealTours™- the premiere real estate content event of the year.

Over 3 million views can't be wrong. RealTours™ season 1 blew our expectations out of the water, setting the bar for both break-through original real estate content, and how agents should now be connecting with Canadian Homeseekers.

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“RealTours™ is the ultimate content platform for real estate professionals.”

REW Studio has begun casting for season 2 of RealTours™, coming Fall 2024.

Homeseekers are desperate for expert guidance. No other show goes deeper into the insights, stories, characters, and real estate opportunities waiting to be discovered in Vancouver's most sought-after neighbourhoods.

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82 million+ impressions

An incredibly powerful, multi-platform brand awareness and exposure campaign.

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3.3 million+ views

A truly unique opportunity for unparalleled and trusted face time with Homeseekers.

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15 thousand+ hours watched

Content that grabs and holds the attention of today’s super-busy real estate audiences.

Step into the world of RealTours™.

Step into your role as the ultimate real estate guide to the most sought-after neighbourhoods.

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Become the biggest name in town with unparalleled reach and engagement as part of the real estate content event of the year.

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Become part of an exclusive club of partners we call on for events, panels and special projects.

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Become the star of the show (and your own story) with a personal special feature, plus all of the assets you could possibly want.

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Become the face of the market and welcome hundreds of thousands of Homeseekers to the neighbourhood.

Role 5

Become the ultimate guide for millions of Homeseekers and a trusted real estate expert in the most important markets on REW.

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Become part of a once (or twice) in a lifetime experience as the star of an original series and real estate resource.

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what the cast of season 1 had to say about their RealTours experience.

The RealTours™ experience. What making a show is like.

Take part in a production experience like no other with a film crew at the top of their game. RealTours™ is not your ordinary marketing shoot - it’s a high-energy and highly-professional experience for agents wanting to elevate their personal brands.

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The RealTours™ effect. Connecting with the next generation of Homeseekers.

Take your business to the next level by reaching thousands of potential clients with high-quality content. From getting recognized in the street to securing out of town buyers, the cast of season 1 saw a real impact in their client bases.

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The RealTours™ investment. Own the conversation in a market.

An investment in RealTours™ will have a long-term impact on your business. In addition to your episode, you’ll feature in a universe of content that reaches clients across, social media, search, email, and local news sources, allowing you to effectively own the conversation in a particular market.

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Join season 2. Become a part of real estate history.

Become part of real estate content history and the face of some of the most active markets on REW. It’s the ultimate opportunity to shine.

Quick answers to often-asked questions.

Talk to a member of our team.

Season 2 Preview

What is RealTours about?

Think the , "Ultimate neighbourhood guide", with expert members of the community leading the way, all packaged in a Netflix quality production. RealTours leverages the best real estate agents in BC to help tell the story of some of the most sought after neighbourhoods across the lower mainland. At REW, we believe that a great agent is a fundamental part of a great real estate experience.

When will production take place?

Our production schedule consists of two principal photography blocks: 10 days between mid-to-late July 2024, and another 10 days at the end of August 2024. Your filming slot will be assigned within one of these blocks based on your episode participation.

How much does an Episode cost?

To participate in Season 2 of RealTours, we require a total production fee of $18,000 + GST. The first payment of $4500+GST is due upon signing to secure your spot in your episode. The balance of $13,500+GST will be charged as 3 equal monthly payments of $4500+GST starting 30 days after your initial deposit.

Will the show be available to stream online?

RealTours will premiere on in front of millions of Homeseekers. Each Episode will be a multi-channel experience with a special content offering including social, behind the scenes, and other content.

What is my expected level of involvement in the Episode?

Each cast member will be needed for 1 full-day on-location shoot (the “Tour”), and 1 full-day studio shoot for interviews and promotion at a later date outside of principal photography blocks. While we don’t think the full day will be needed for the Tour section we want to leave the day open to ensure the most amount of flexibility. We will work with each cast member to build and finalize our production schedule.

How long can I expect to make room in my schedule for filming?

Each cast member will be required for two, separate full days during the production period. The first will be an on-location shoot (the “Tour”), and the second will be a studio shoot.

Is RealTours only focused on a specific area or region?

For Season 2, we are expanding our reach. Obviously, we will be covering the whole Greater Vancouver Area (”GVA”) and Fraser Valley but we are also interested in hearing from you folks on the Island, the interior, and of course, the iconic Whistler.

Will my brokerage team be involved in the production?

Only the chosen cast will be involved in the production, but we think there are some interesting angles to explore with brokerage teams, so let’s have a conversation about that.

How long in total will RealTours run for?

RealTours Season 2 is slated to run from September 2024 and all episodes for S02 will be released before the end of 2024. The campaign however will continue to run into the spring season in 2025 (about 7 months).

What happens if I'm not happy with the final edit?

It would be disappointing for everyone if that occurs. REW will maintain full creative control throughout the entire series. You retain the right to refuse airing of your episode, however, it's important to note that you are still obligated to pay the full production fee.

How long will an Episode take to produce from start to finish?

The production process is quite complex with multiple pieces working in parallel (while others are in series). Our production teams will be busy preparing for the shoot from May 2024, with the first filming block slated to start in July 2024 we aim to have the first episodes shot in our July block going live in late September 2024.

Can we include other members of our team in the episode?

This is something we are eager to explore. Talk to us!

How is Season 2 different from Season 1

In 2023, we launched RealTours™, a breakthrough original content series that explored neighbourhoods and real estate opportunities with leading local market experts. This is being carried through to Season 2. What's changing is the introduction of more voices in an episode to give the most comprehensive and resource-driven tour of a neighbourhood. Yes, we’ll have Realtors but we’ll also have business owners, historians, developers, and Homeseekers come together to help tell a complete story of the community.

How do I sign up to reserve my spot?

You can talk to your REW Account Manager anytime! And if you’re new to REW, just send us a quick email at

How long will each Episode be?

While we are still fleshing out the finer details we expect an episode to be no shorter than 17 minutes. We are currently keeping this run time somewhat fluid as we have big plans to expand on S02 from S01. What we can guarantee is you will be featured as an expert onscreen in your neighbourhood in the main episode but also in the additional content we are building out for the RealTours universe.

What kind of results did S01 achieve?

The total RealTours S01 campaign achieved nearly 3.5 million views with over 80 million total impressions. This means RealTours content was watched for 14.7K hours in total (which is the same as watching the Academy Award winning movie Oppenheimer from start to finish 4900 times).

During the run of Season 2 (September 2024 to March 2025), each RealTours Episode will be promoted across multiple, exclusive touch-points on Once your Episode airs, it will be highlighted on REW in the neighbourhood, and in The Guide, permanently.

What happens if I don’t receive my preferred placement in the episode?

The fairest way we could think of was to offer episodic selection on a “first come, first served" basis. We are more than happy to develop an episode with agents who can share a unique perspective so do get in touch with your REW representative today to get that ball rolling.

Will I be able to share the content once it’s released?

We hope you do. You’ll be able to use any of the final elements from your Episode after it has been published. We will coordinate closely with you and your team to maximize and magnify content density.

How early do I need to film with REW (based on the release dates)?

Our production schedule isn’t final yet, but we anticipate shooting in two mini bursts during July and August 2024.

Who are the hosts of RealTours?

Returning to the screen is the one and only ‘Stephen Tadgh’.

How will you be promoting my Episodes?

We will create a universe of content to promote your episode across multiple channels, including: homepage and search results, REW Guide articles, REW newsletters, organic and paid placements on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn and X, syndicated content on other Glacier Media sites, such as Vancouver is Awesome, targeted digital advertising across the Google and Meta networks, media partnerships with local businesses and influencers and press outreach

Can I use it for my own marketing?

Of course. We would love to talk to you about some amazing ways we could work together to make the absolute most out of your participation in RealTours.

Season 2.
Coming fall 2024.

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