“Own your market as a
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Kristina Legault

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Join the best agents in Canada.
Apex is a dynamic, content-based, unblockable advert for a great agent in a local market.
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The true power of Apex is that it lets your reputation precede you amongst the very best homeseekers at the exact moment they need you most.

First impressions matter.

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Celebrate your best work in front of the biggest homeseeker audience in Canada.

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Naturally served in our search results, Apex is undetectable by ad-blocking tech.

Own your market.

Automatically aggregated, genuine data tells your unique story to the markets that matter most.

Annual benefits are awesome.

Annual contracts include a sponsored profile penned by us and distributed across our entire network of local media partners, including Vancouver is Awesome (VIA).

Content that evolves as you do.

Powerfully leverages your recommendations, your sales, and your listings.

Works hard for your hard work.

We know you’re busy building your empire, that’s why there’s zero management required from your side.

What's in it for you?

The greatest first impression in the business.

Adina Dragasanu
"People want to know the person behind the deal."

Angie Vazquez

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the best
agents in Canada

It all starts with One membership. $900 a year.

Guiding homeseekers with only the best agents in Canada.

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