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ultimate real estate guide

Join the best agents in Canada.

One is different.

Listings you can find everywhere. Agents you can find everywhere.

What you won't find anywhere else is One, a members-only program that combines search, content, and only the best agents in Canada to form the ultimate guide for millions of our homeseekers.

One is
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every agent

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We built One with one goal in mind: to have the very best of you guide the very best homeseekers out there.

So you could say that while One is for any agent, it's certainly not for every agent. Because One is different.

You trust us to build the best real estate search. We trust one another to create the best real estate content. And we trust you to be the best partner to our homeseekers.

One is packed with everything that matters.

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One truly is the only way for Canada’s best agents to guide its best homeseekers.

Stand out with the best profile on the market.

Share your past sales, current listings, and future recommendations without having to lift a finger.

Your brand in front of millions of our homeseekers.

Conquer ad-blockers, agent search results and every. single. listing. while you make waves across REW's real estate network.

Get prioritized across REW and Google search.

Stay on top of your game with your profile at the pinnacle of local agent search results.

Celebrate your past successes all in one place.

Aggregate your REW and Google reviews into your One profile, and request new ones using our advanced recommendation service.

Turbo-boost your listings.

Attract 20x more homeseekers and massively enhance your reputation.

Let your clients connect you to their home search.

Ensure that your clients already using REW can contact you when it matters, and receive notifications every time they book a viewing.

Meet our members.

High-tech and high-touch meet to create One, a stand-out experience for your clients.

Adina Dragasanu
"Knowledge is power. Everybody Google's you. Everyone will check online reviews. Having a strong online presence is a must nowdays."

Angie Vazquez

The One

It all starts with One membership. $900 a year.

Guiding homeseekers with only the best agents in Canada.

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