One Membership FAQs


Will my listings still appear on REW if I'm not a member?

To provide the best selection to Homeseekers, REW displays all listings published through the MLS® feeds. As a One Member, your listings are positioned at the top of the search results and upgraded to more dynamic Listing Presentations which homeseekers and clients overwhelmingly prefer to ordinary MLS® listing pages.

What can I add to my profile?

Your REW One Profile is a great place to share your recommendations, past sales, current listings, latest market updates, videos andlisting tours, events you’re attending and so much more. This is your space to position and express your brand to the largest audience of Homeseekers in Western Canada.

What will happen to my listings and profile content if I cancel?

Should you decide to cancel your One Membership, your listings will be downgraded from Listing Presentations to ordinary listings and your Profile will disappear from REW right away. Your profile content is then archived and scheduled for permanent deletion after 45 days.

What information on my clients using REW will I get to view?

As a One Member, once you’re connected with your client they will be able to book tours, ask questions and share listings directly with you, right from REW.

What happens to my membership if I don't have any listings?

Your One Membership keeps you connected to the market at all times with powerful profile and reporting features. We know you’re always in the market for buyers or sellers, REW One is the best place to meet them.

Where will my branding appear on REW?

As a One Member, your Profile branding appears across all of your listings as they appear in search results, in our powerful Agent search, neighbourhood property alerts as well as the new Agent Spotlight on your Listing Presentations.

How long does it take to setup my membership?

We can have you up and running in minutes but we typically like to keep in close contact for the first 3 months of your Membership to make sure you’re settled in.

Can I pause my membership throughout the year?

Membership can be cancelled but not paused. As always, our amazing team will do our best to look after you in the event of extraordinary circumstances.

What is the Glacier Media Network and where and how will I appear on it?

The Glacier Media Network is a group of high-traffic, local community news publications such as Vancouver is Awesome, Richmond News and Castanet. As a One Member your listings and One Profile will feature across the real estate sections of each publication in your markets.

What will happen when someone messages me through REW?

When one of your clients message you through REW you will receive a text and/or email to notify you of the message and this event will be tracked in your One Dashboard.

How do I access reports?

You can sign in to your One Dashboard any time to view listing, profile, client activity and market reports. You’ll receive Listing Performance Reports via email at key milestones in the marketing of your listing. You’ll also get the One Report email with a summary view of all the most important metrics and activity each week.

Can I add reviews to my One Profile?

Recommendations are some of the most valuable signals you can send to the market. REW One makes it quick and easy to collect professional recommendations from your clients.


What if the primary agent on a listing is not a One Member but the co-listing agent is?

In this scenario, the listing will be recognized and treated as a ONE membership listing and billed to the co-listing agent’s account. If the primary agent activates their One Membership, then the listing will also be displayed as a ONE membership listing and attributed to the primary agent’s account.

Can I change between Membership plans?

You are welcome to switch between Monthly and Unlimited plans as your needs change! This change can be requested at any time but will take effect at the end of your current commitment period.

Do you offer deals for Brokerages or Large Teams?

So glad you asked. Our specialist team is equipped to discuss and tailor REW One Membership to meet your specific needs.

If I take my listing off the MLS and post it again, will I be charged again for the same listing?

Due to the volume of listings we have on REW, we need to rely on identifiers to manage our services. If the identifiers of the listing received from the MLS® change, our systems will detect it as a new listing for the purposes of your account.

If my listing is live for multiple months will I be charged every usage cycle for the same listing?useage cycle for the same listing?

No. Each listing is only counted when it enters the market and will only apply to the listing count in the period it was first listed.

How do you bill me for listings if I cancel before my 3 month commitment cycle is over?

Any remaining charges in the 3 month period must be paid prior to termination of service. If you are on the One Membership Monthly plan, you will receive a final Usage bill at the end of your 3 month commitment.

What happens if I re-list the same property?

We do our best to identify and de-duplicate listings that may have been re-listed in error. However, genuine re-listing of the same property for marketing reasons counts as two distinct listings for the purposes of your account.

Does my membership automatically renew?

Yes. Your One Membership is ongoing until you decide to cancel.

I'm part of a team. Do all team members need to have a membership?

Membership is required to activate all of the REW One features but most teams choose to handle the billing on behalf of their Members.

What payment terms are available for membership? (prepaid or only paid monthly)

Membership is billed monthly and subject to the REW One Membership cancellation terms.

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