Introduction to Connect.

What is Connect and why does it exist?

Looking at recent enquiry data, we see that as many as half of the homeseekers* on REW.ca don’t yet have an established relationship with a real estate agent to assist them in their real estate purchase.

Connect introduces the best Agent Partners to relevant homeseekers at the exact moment when they most need their help (for example, when booking a viewing or inquiring on a listing).

We want to support the program with the best possible partnership experience. We also want to ensure the best possible homeseeker experience and believe this will be enhanced if we have the right platform of relationship with our Agent Partners.

*Data collected on New Homes enquiries.

Who is Connect for?

Helping homeseekers with the all-important step of partnering with a top real estate agent in their real estate adventure is core to REW’s mission of being the ultimate guide.

We believe Connect is best suited to top agents who recognize the value in helping homeseekers in their discovery process, and who understand the value of building long-term relationships with today’s homeseeker.

This can be summarized into three key traits: local expertise, an affinity with digital first homeseekers, and a belief in providing the very best customer service.

  • Local expertise: Agents who possess deep local knowledge, offering personalized insights that enhance the homeseekers understanding and experience of a market.
  • Effective online engagement: Agents who have experience with digital interactions and best practices on how to turn those engagements into meaningful connections - and valuable business.
  • Homeseeker focused: Agents who are focussed on elevating the customer experience from “good” to “outstanding”. You know that prompt, informative and friendly responses transform homeseekers into clients.

How Connect works.

Investing in specific target markets and becoming an Agent Partner in the Connect Program, grants you direct access to valuable homeseeker introductions within that market through the REW.ca platform. When a homeseeker submits a viewing request on an active listing, you will be introduced as one of our “Connect Agent Partners” in that market.

  • As a Connect Agent Partner, you're entitled to a portion of First Introductions in a market aligned with your investment level.
  • Introductions are time sensitive and must be claimed before they are introduced to other Connect Agent Partners in the same market. The quick response time is the key benefit for the homeseeker but this also gives Agent Partners the opportunity to claim other introductions.

The homeseeker experience on REW has been specifically designed to facilitate the connect moment between a homeseeker and an Agent Partner when it matters most to both parties.

Key features of this experience include:

  • Enhanced homeseeker qualification: The primary source of REW’s Connect Introductions will come through home viewing enquiries - focusing on the individuals who are already prepared to take the next step in their real estate adventure.

As part of this enquiry flow, we’ve provided an opportunity for homeseekers to share more about their sense of urgency to buy, whether they are working with an agent already, and if they are a first-time buyer.

  • First and targeted Connections: The Connect Program prioritizes fast and direct homeseeker Introductions to our Agent Partners, in order to facilitate a quick response and Connection. As a result, we've replaced agent selection via email notifications with First Introductions via SMS text messaging. Introductions are sent in realtime to Agent Partners in the market the homeseeker is searching. This approach was designed to facilitate the critical Connect moment - improving agent and homeseeker satisfaction, and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

  • Empowerment through choice: With Connect, you're in control. When you receive a first Introduction, you have the choice to work with that homeseeker or not. If the Introduction isn't claimed within a designated time frame, we proactively introduce the homeseeker to the other Agent Partners in that market. This flexibility enables you to align your availability with the right opportunities.

  • Timely engagement, seamless Connections: Connect doesn't stop at exclusivity. We understand the importance of timely responses. In addition to First Introductions, Agent Partners benefit from additional introductions. If the initial Agent Partner doesn’t respond in a timely manner, and you respond first, the Introduction is considered claimed by you and connection is made.


Connect pricing.

Connect pricing differs market by market. It is based on dynamics unique to each market, like homeseeker demand, home prices and historical metrics. The result is a pricing structure that aligns with the individual attributes of each local market.

By limiting the number of spots per market, the quality and experience of agents in each market is maintained for the best homeseeker experience possible.

For specific market pricing and availability information, we invite you to reach out to one of our Account Managers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Connect program?

Connect is a program that introduces in-market homeseekers to the best buyer agents in a particular market.

What makes Connect a “partner program”?

Helping homeseekers with the all-important step of partnering with a top real estate agent in their real estate adventure is core to REW’s mission of being the ultimate guide.

It’s a partnership, not a “product”. Connect is a specialized program that provides valuable, professional connections for our precious homeseekers and builds the businesses of our best Agent Partners.

How does Connect work?

When a homeseeker submits a viewing request or similar enquiry on an active listing on REW.ca, we will introduce the homeseeker to one of our “Connect Agent Partners” in that market.

You invest in target markets to become a Connect Agent Partner in that market and gain access to active homeseekers on the REW.ca platform.

What can I expect from my participation in the program?

Each partner in a market will be provided with a number of First Introductions to homeseekers based on their budget and how many spots they’ve committed to.

For each First Introduction, you will have 5 minutes to claim the homeseeker before that homeseeker is introduced to the other partners in the same market.

As a result, each partner agent in a market should benefit from First Introductions and an overflow of unclaimed Introductions.

What terms of service are expected from partners?

Partners are expected to provide responsive and friendly service to REW homeseekers through the duration of their home search journey.

This is measured by tracking quantitative and qualitative measures to ensure program health for homeseekers and satisfaction for Agent Partners.

How do I measure ROI?

Partners should expect to build their local market reputation and client list through this program.

How they are presented to - and respond to - homeseeker Introductions should have benefits to their perception as a top agent in the market (reputation).

Not every Introduction will convert into an immediate deal, but effective follow-up and relationship-building should lead to future sales, either directly with the homeseeker or with members of the homeseeker’s network.

This ROI is likely to be realized over months of consistent engagement - any results in the immediate term should be considered a bonus.

Will I get more quality leads with the new Connect program?

It is important to understand that Connect is not a “lead generation” program.

The goal of Connect is to create valuable connections when it really matters for both the homeseeker and real estate agent. We do this by creating explicit opportunities for a homeseeker to connect with a local buyer’s agent when they wish to view a property (a very high-intent call to action). But this only happens when they find a potential property.

In other words, you should experience better quality throughout the entire Connect program.
We have also created an opportunity for homeseekers to share more about themselves in terms of timeline, whether they are working with an agent already, and if they are a first-time buyer.

All of these initiatives improve the quality of a potential connection, but are ultimately features to help real homeseekers find and access the right homes. We depend on our select partners in each market to turn these valuable Introductions into quality relationships - while we focus on finding more opportunities to make Introductions.

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